Kathy Norton: Steward of the Month: July 2018

Although I was Baptized in the living room of our family home (which is now my family’s home) and not here at St. John’s, St. John’s has always been my church home. My mom (some of you might remember her, Helen Weida) brought me to Sunday School here when I was a little girl. We came to church together. It was my mom who introduced me to God. I remember as a young girl looking through a small Bible that she kept on her dresser. Certain pages were marked with pretty book marks and dried flowers and one day I asked her why those pages were marked. She shared with me that when my dad went off to World War II there were certain passages that she would read every night, praying to God that he would come home safely. Although wounded, her prayers were answered. Her faith was very important to her and she instilled in me the importance of having faith in my life. I should say that although my dad (Philip) didn’t regularly come to church with us I’m sure his faith was there too. He made me laugh with his rendition of “We Will Gather at the River”, singing it out while playing the song on my organ. I was also Confirmed at St. John’s (a BIG thank you to Fern Druckenmiller who was one of my teachers). As I grew up and found my best friend forever, my husband Billy, we were married here in 1985 by Pastor Forester. Our two daughters, Danielle (now 28) and Brianna (now 24), were Baptized here (the three of us wore my dad’s Baptismal gown) and went through Sunday School and Confirmation just as I did. I started teaching Sunday School when my girls were in elementary school and I am still enjoying teaching some 18 years later. About 2 years ago I became a Communion Assistant. Since I’m an early riser the 8am service is where you will find me. Outside of church I am busy with my family, friends, and my two jobs. One as a veterinary receptionist and the other as an instructional assistant working with Kindergarteners. I also take a ceramics class (since 1985) and have recently discovered that I like to look for hidden treasures at flea markets. I’m not sure how else I will become involved at St. John’s. There are so many things that need to be done. One thing I know for sure is that St. John’s has always been an important part of my life and that won’t ever change.