faith and mission

Faith and Mission

Faith and Mission


At St. John’s

St. John’s is a relatively old established church with a rich heritage. Our congregation is a group of loving, caring and sharing Christian individuals who are willing and anxious to work together to give of their time, talent and finances to help our congregation, our community and the world. Our building is accessible, and we welcome all to join us for worship and other events at St. John’s.

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We are a community that gathers weekly for fellowship, to commune, to praise, to thank, and to celebrate our common beliefs. We are here to serve and reaffirm our commitment to God, each other, our community, and the larger church, and we ask God to help us adapt to the constant change in our daily lives. The congregation understands its mission is to serve the people of God through worship, community involvement, partnership with other Christians and caring for members of the congregation. Many special programs and events demonstrate this mission: service to homebound members; special worship events (blessing of the backpacks and pets); preschool; VBS; services of healing and many others. The church is used as a safe meeting place for boy scouts and for spreading the word of good health through blood drives and blood pressure screenings. Our doors are open to community groups to use our facilities. Worship service involves many participants of the congregation, believing we are all called to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

We believe that God’s purpose for St. John’s is to GROW in relationship with Christ to GO share God’s love and serve others.

We affirm the following as our Guiding Principles:

  1. We believe that Jesus is Lord and Savior.
  2. We gather weekly to praise and thank God and to be strengthened by God for the week ahead.
  3. We serve others as an expression of God’s love for all.
  4. We invite all people to join us to learn about and to serve God.
  5. We ask God to help us adapt to change because it is a constant in our lives.
  6. We are family (with all that that entails).

St. John’s is a congregation of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Become a Member of St. John’s: New Member Sessions

Persons considering membership at St. John’s should please contact the Church Office for more information. Persons transferring membership from another Lutheran congregation request a letter of transfer from that congregation.

It is the duty and privilege of members to:

  • make regular use of the means of grace, both Word and sacraments;
  • live a Christian life in accordance with the Word of God and the teachings of the Lutheran Church; and
  • support the work of this congregation, the synod, and the churchwide organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America through contributions of their time, abilities, and financial support as biblical stewards.

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