Carol Ann Brokate: Steward of the Month – January 2018

I grew up in this church from the time I was baptized until present time.

I attended Sunday School with my younger brother and then stayed for church with my parents.

I sang on the Children’s choir, attended Girl Scout Pack 33, and went to Sunday School until I was confirmed. Then I started teaching a class with Eleanor Lavey until I went off to college for 4 years. I helped in the summer with the bible School (2 week session). I also taught Catacactal class for 3 years in the 1970’s.

In 1966, Hank and I were married in St. John’s and we continued to attend church. In fact, they convinced Hank to teach 9th grade. I continued to teach Sunday School and my own 3 children attended every Sunday. I had them in my class too.

Pastor Foerster became Pastor in 1972. In the late 90’s Pastor Fred was the one that asked Nancy and me if we would take over Fellowship the second Sunday of the month, excludes July and August.  We said we would try it and we have been doing it every since, about 23 years.

I will continue to help in any way possible as long as I am able.