Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

St. John’s has a vibrant congregation that engages in many activities. These provide many opportunities to use God-given abilities to do God’s work. Everyone has been given different skills, abilities and interests that combine to make up the St. John’s congregation. Volunteer opportunities allow many of these remarkable gifts to be utilized in order to fulfill the mission of St. John’s. It is God’s will that we return a portion of this time and ability to do His work.

Worship and Music

Handbell Choir:
Teens and adults. Weekly rehearsal September-May. Ring at one of the traditional services several times each year and at special services.
Adult Choir:
Teens and adults. Weekly rehearsals September-May. Help lead Sunday worship at one of the traditional services and at special services.
Children’s/Youth Choir:
Weekly rehearsals before Sunday School. Sing at traditional and special services several times per year.
Teens in grades 6-12. Serve at assigned worship services 6-8 times per year.
Communion Assistant:
Teens and adults. Distribute the wine at communion during services. Serve 12-14 times per year.
Read lessons/Psalm at traditional and special services.
Hand out bulletins before services, take a total attendance, take up the collection, guide communion during services, and provide general and special assistance as needed to all attending a service. Serve on a team for a month-long period 4 times per year or serve as an alternate usher for special occasions.
Welcome members and visitors in the narthex both on arrival to and departure from worship. Serve 2 or 3 times per year.
Wedding Service Coordinator:
Work with brides and grooms who reserve wedding dates with the office to finalize details of their weddings, in accordance with church practice. Assist pastor and wedding party at wedding rehearsal and on day of wedding. Serve as liaison between church staff and wedding party/families. Extend a welcoming presence and hospitality to wedding professionals and participants.

Worship & Music Committee Member:
Assist in planning worship services. Support all areas of worship through coordinators. Review worship materials for possible use.
Provide special music for worship.
Family Worship Volunteer:
Families present the gifts of bread and wine during offering. Serve 3-4 times a year. Families can also serve as Advent Wreath candle lighters during Advent.
Prayer Partner:
Members of St. John’s are available during Communion 4 Sundays during the year for those who would like to receive an individual prayer for healing. We call these members “prayer partners”.
Altar Guild Member:
Members serve for an assigned month 3-4 times per year and assist at special seasonal celebrations; prepare chancel area for worship (paraments, flowers, etc.) Training provided.
Flower Delivery Volunteer:
Deliver the Sunday flowers to hospitalized and homebound members and friends.
Children’s Worship Bags Volunteer:
Manage the care of children’s worship bags with supplies from the resource room.
Eucharistic Ministry Volunteer:
Take communion to homebound members. Training provided. May require 2-3 hours per month for visits.


Sunday School Teacher:
Serve as teacher or class helper in classes from nursery (3 yr. olds)-grade 8 on Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:15 a.m., September-May. Work with Senior High School age group (grades 9-12) on social and religious issues. Must have clearances.
Adult Education Leader:
Serve as one of the leaders for adult education by preparing and leading discussions. Sunday school is in session from September-May. Classes are from 9:15-10:15 a.m.
(BYOB) Bible Study for Women Volunteer:
Host and facilitate monthly study and fellowship group. Usually meets in a member’s home.

Cradle Roll Ministry Volunteer:
Assist other team members in supporting expectant and new parents with their child’s faith formation. Coordinate monthly mailings of faith resources to families with children. Also coordinate candle presentations, photos, and postings of baptisms (child or adult).
VBS (Vacation Bible School) Volunteer:
Crew Leader or Helper: Serve as leader or helper for group of children, ages 3-grade 5, during VBS one
week during the summer from 5:30-8:00 p.m.
Station Leader: Plan and lead a 20-minute activity in a station each day.
General Volunteer: Serve and support VBS in various non-teaching roles such as scenery design, food
service, set up and tear down, and floater as needed.
Christian Education Committee Member:
Assist in developing, coordinating, promoting, and supervising all aspects and programs of congregation educational ministry. About 10 meetings per year.


St. John’s Christian Preschool Helper:
Serve as a substitute teacher’s assistant when needed. Help with special projects/activities in the classroom.

Christian Preschool Committee Member:
The Preschool Committee supports St. John’s Christian Preschool program. Members work closely with the preschool teachers to problem solve and assist in the school’s success. Committee meets every other month.

Fellowship & Special Events

Event and Seasonal Decorator:
Help to decorate and undecorate the parish hall or other areas for an event such as Vacation Bible School and for special church seasons.
People Over Fifty-Five (POF) Volunteer:
Provide fellowship and light lunch for members age 55 and above. Group meets the second Tuesday of each month, April through December.
Church Picnic Volunteer:
Help coordinate food and activities for church picnic. GIFT “Growing in Fellowship Together”
Committee Member:
Assist with and help plan seasonal activities, events, and other gatherings such as Easter Egg Hunt, Church Picnic, Halloween Party, World Hunger Walk, etc.

Food Preparer/Server:
Dinner/Special Event Food Preparer:
Cook for church dinners or special events.
Dinner/Special Event Food Server:
Act as a server at church dinners or special events.
Funeral Luncheon Volunteer:
Help set up and serve luncheon in the parish hall following a funeral service.
Fellowship Volunteer (Bake/Serve):
Bake/donate cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods for fellowship hours on the 2nd Sunday of the month and other times. Also, prepare donated baked items to be served; assist with coffee/cold beverage service.
Soup & Bread Supper Volunteer:
Prepare soup or provide bread for Lenten, Advent or Ascension Day soup and bread suppers prior to religious service. Assist in kitchen providing beverages, set up and clean up.


Daybreak Meal Preparer/Server:
Daybreak, a weekday drop-in center, gives people living with mental illness or physical disabilities and those struggling with addiction or HIV/AIDS, as well as the neighborhood’s elderly, a place to belong. Plan, cook, and serve one meal or dessert for the 4th Thursday of each month.
Food Bank Team Worker:
Serve on St. John’s team in food distribution at the Allentown Ecumenical Food Bank on the 3rd Monday and Tuesday of each month and on the 5th Monday of the month (for those months that apply).

Outreach Committee Member:
The Outreach Committee began in 2017 with the purpose to oversee the efforts of St. John’s to “reach out” to the community. If you have a passion for community outreach or social ministry, feel free to attend our meetings held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6 p.m.


Church Operations

Congregational Council Member:
Members elected by congregation at annual meeting; have general oversight of the life and ministry of the congregation; evaluate its life and ministries in light of its mission and goals; seek to involve all members in worship, learning, witness, service and support; oversee and provide for administration of the congregation to enable it to fulfill its functions and perform its mission. Council Members are asked to assume leadership roles in ministries throughout the church. Counicl meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month.
Audit Committee Member:
Committee meets once a year to examine the financial records of St. John’s and WELCA for the previous year. No accounting or bookkeeping experience is needed to be a part of this committee.
Finance Committee Member:
Manage and oversee the financial affairs of the church. Responsible for monthly reporting of financial status to the church council; preparation and presentation of the annual budget; ensure bills are paid in a timely manner and applicable funds are forwarded to the Synod; provide for an annual audit of church financial records; review insurance coverage; and review investments. Committee meets several times a year.
Endowment and Memorial Fund Disbursement
Committee Member:

The function of the Endowment and Memorial Fund Disbursement Committee is to research and select organizations and make recommendations to the Congregational Council for distributing earnings from the investment funds.
Mutual Ministry Committee Member:
Support the ministry of the pastor and staff members and function as liaison between staff and congregation. Committee meets several times a year.

Safety and Security Committee Member:
Members plan policies and programs to maintain a safe and secure facility and to respond to medical and safety emergencies (evacuation due to fire, CPR training and use of AED, maintaining alarms and monitoring equipment). Committee meets several times a year.
Stewardship Committee Member:
Responsible for providing an ongoing, year-round program of stewardship education. Responsible for encouraging and facilitating financial giving and challenging all members to offer their time and talents in support of the work of the church. Approximately 10 meetings per year.
Property Committee Member:
Responsible for the planning, administration, care, maintenance, repair, inventory, protection, and use of all church property. Committee meets on a monthy schedule.
Property Volunteer:
Volunteers help with general sprucing up and minor repairs of the property as needed.
Medical Equipment Management Volunteer:
Volunteers maintain medical equipment such as walkers, canes, commodes and wheelchairs in safe working order. With the church office administrator and custodian, usage of equipment by congregational members is monitored and equipment is cleaned.
Church Office Volunteer:
Office Volunteer:
Assist with office work: Answer phone, enter computer data, and other clerical duties. Training provided.
Church Mailing Volunteer:
Assist in assembling the bulletins once a week and the newsletter once a month; assist in assembling special materials and/or mailings upon request.
Printing/Copying Volunteer:
Alternating schedule. Print weekly bulletins, monthly newsletters, special projects. Training provided.

Pastoral Care

Prayer Chain Volunteer:
Members pray for concerns confidentially each day for a week as requested.
Sick/Homebound Visitor:
As needed, visit/“check in” on homebound members or those recovering from illness or surgery. Assist with errands or other short-term needs.

Meal Preparer for Sick/Homebound:
As needed, prepare meals for homebound members or those recovering from illness or surgery.


Other Ways to Serve

Cemetery Maintenance Volunteer:
Each year on the Saturday before Mothers’ Day, the cemetery board invites volunteers to clean up flowers and debris from the cemetery and to place new flags on veteran’s graves.
(KFC) Knitting for Charity Volunteer:
Knit, crochet or sew small items like hats, scarves, and mittens and lap robes to donate to ever-changing ministries in need of items. Volunteer group meets the first Tuesday of each month (September–June) at 9:00-11:00 a.m. in a Sunday School room.
Prayer Bead Ministry Volunteer:
Group meets several times a year to assemble Anglican Prayer Beads, which are distributed to homebound or shut-in members, veterans, and to couples married at St. John’s. Instructions and materials are supplied.

Take photos/videos of St. John’s events to be included on St. John’s website, in monthly newsletter, and to serve as historical archive. No professional experience needed – just enthusiasm to help capture all that happens at St. John’s.
Website Editor:
Help to make edits, enhancements to St. John’s website. No experience necessary. Training provided.
Women of the ELCA (WELCA):
The official auxiliary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; The main purpose is to aid the local and national church in its ministry to others through education (monthly program), Christian service, fellowship, and financial aid. Group meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. September–June.