Being Part of Worship

Being Part of Worship



Being Part of the Worship Service

There are many opportunities for all the people of God to participate in the worship service. Lay people serve as communion assistants, ushers, lectors, greeters, acolytes, gift presenters, etc. The Altar Guild prepares the chancel area for worship, prepares the church for seasonal celebrations, and delivers flowers to hospitalized or home-bound members.

Our choirs:

So Many Ways to Praise!


If music is your joy of expression, there are several musical opportunities for you to join our worship and other activities at St. John’s. Other choirs that rehearse occasionally throughout the year may include the Children’s Christmas Choir. If you are interested in serving in any capacity, please contact the church office.


Our singers of all ages are also very busy rehearsing their music for church service needs.
The Adult Choir meets on Thursdays 7:15 – 8:45 the sanctuary. If you are a teen or an adult and enjoy singing, you are most welcome to join! If you would like to sing on Christmas Eve, 10 pm service, but you don’t have time to sing church services, we would invite you to Thursday rehearsals – we will study the Christmas Eve pieces at the first part of rehearsal beginning with vocal warm-ups.

The Children’s Choir meets a few minutes before Sunday School at 9 a.m. and joins us at worship at special Sundays throughout the year. There is also a special children’s Christmas Even choir. Praise with music also extends to the children of St. John’s as a part of Sunday School classes, 3 years old to fifth grade.



The Handbell Choir rehearses on Wednesday nights 6-7 p.m. in the sanctuary. Teens and adults – music reading not a requirement! This year we were very blessed as Franklin & Nancy Reimert are giving the church an additional octave of Melody Chimes which will expand possibilities for St. John’s Ringers in both their chime and handbell music. Plans are for a formal dedication on All Saints Sunday, November 3, as the Reimert’s give the chimes in memory of their parents. The very next week, November 10, the Sunday School 5th graders will play the chimes as the younger children sing at the 10:30 service.